Non-Progressive Jackpots Slots

At the most fundamental level, any machine that doesn’t fit the above description by offering a fixed payout structure is a ‘non-progressive jackpot’ machine.  On these machines, every jackpot is paid equally no matter how many people have played or how long it has been between hits.  The most ‘retro’ and simple slot machine designs will  the traditional slot symbols like ‘cherries’ ‘bars’ and the ‘big 7’. 

Slot Machine With a Fixed jackpot Amount

A jackpot on this type of machine might pay out 5,000 coins for three 7’s (7-7-7).  Usually slot machines with non-progressive jackpots are of a more traditional design since they’re often favored by more serious slot players. Conversely, many of the newer themed machines are specifically designed to attract a demographic of novice gamblers. Obviously these are just general rules and ‘your mileage may vary’.  At the end of the day, the best idea is to play the games and jackpot types that you enjoy the most.