Progressive Slots Features


The multiplayer is a great function that will multiply any win. The multiplier can be random or connected to free spins or bonus games. Normally the multiplier will be between 2x and 10x but you can also find slope machines with progressive multipliers that have no limits.

Slots Game Multiplier Feature


Scatter symbols are the least common symbols on a slot. They are used to unlock bonus rounds, such as free spin modes or minigames. You usually have to spin 3 scatter symbols to unlock their bonus rounds, but they only have to be onscreen and not along any payline. When there are multiple minigames available you will often see a few different scatter symbols, each tied to a separate bonus round.

Scatter Slots - Online Slots With Scatter Symbols

Wild Symbols

Wilds are substitute symbols which can stand in for any face symbol allowing you to create more winning lines. Wilds are however usually worth a low value of point, so a line of 2 face symbols and a Wild symbol, will win you less than 3 of the same face symbol. You can usually find all this info in the Paytable menu. Wilds can also sometimes have special additional abilities like taking up whole reels or being sticky, which means they’ll stay on the screen for several spins, filling in as face symbols for longer.

Free Spins

Free spins are pretty much what they sound like. A casino can offer players free spins to use on a selection of slots, or any of the slots at the casino. Each one of your free spins will have a wager value. Anything you win on any of your spins will be based on the wager value and any wagering requirements on your spins will be based on those total winnings. It is uncommon for free spins to come free of wagering requirements, but there are still a good number of casinos which offer totally free spins. There is another variant of free spins as well, called free goes. Free goes work the same way, but they’re to be used on games which don’t require you to spin; think table games like blackjack, or roulette.

Online Casino Free Spins


Re-spins are basically the same as free spins but you don’t need the scatter. Often you will get a re-spin when you almost had a winning spin.

Gamble Features

Some bonus games feature a “gamble” option when special circumstances warrant it. The gamble feature is especially popular on slot machines from the UK, which are often called “fruit machines”. The most common (and simplest) version of the “gamble” feature is the option to predict the suit or the color of a playing card that’s shown on the video screen. If you guess right, you get to double the amount you just won, but if you’re wrong, you lose what you just won.


Most 5-reel video slots offer a way for players to activate free spins. When playing in this mode, no wager is made, hence the “free” part of “free spins”. These prizes are awarded when certain symbols, often 3 matching scatter symbols, line up according to the individual game’s rules. Retriggering adds another bonus layer to what is already a fun way to rake in extra cash on slots.

5-Reel Slots With Bonus

“Retriggering” is basically when you set off another round of free spins while playing in free spins mode. This is usually accomplished by lining up the same special symbols that launched you into free spins mode initially. When you retrigger, you get a whole new round of free spins, which potentially doubles the amount of wager-free earnings you’ll enjoy at the end of your free spins round.

In theory, respinning can occur more than once in a set of free spins. However, most slot makers but a cap on the max number of free spins you can earn in any one round. So while you can retrigger several times, the max time is generally around 5-10, though given the odds of this happening, it is a rare occurence.

Sometimes free spins are part of a bonus that is activated in any way in which a game’s developer chose to set forth. Sometimes a game says that a bonus cannot be retriggered during free spins, simply meaning that more spins are not possible while the bonus round is activated.

Retriggering is a fun, effortless way to rack up some serious coins without having to bet anything first, so it’s worth looking for games that include this feature. It is easy to find out if a game offers retriggering – just check out the paytable ahead of time. If retriggering isn’t mentioned, it is probably safe to assume that the game doesn’t offer it.