Progressive Slots Features

Multipliers The multiplayer is a great function that will multiply any win. The multiplier can be random or connected to free spins or bonus games. Normally the multiplier will be between 2x and 10x but you can also find slope machines with progressive multipliers that have no limits. Scatters Scatter symbols are the least common

Network Progressive Slots

A network progressive slot links the same game across multiple casinos with one giant jackpot similar, in a sense to a lottery jackpot. Networked slots are very common online and offer even bigger jackpots than the landbased versions. When you’re playing online a networked progressive slot can be available at hundreds of different casinos using

Local Jackpots

Local progressive jackpot is provided by a network of machines within the same casino. The jackpot for a local progressive slot is often much higher but because you’re playing across multiple machines your chances of winning it tend to be lower. Online this replaces stand alone progressives as multiple players can play the same game

Standalone Jackpots

A standalone progressive jackpot is reserved to just one machine in the casino. It’s not linked to other slot machines and doesn’t form part of a wider network. This is a jackpot that is specific to an individual machine. Bets placed on that machine and only that machine contribute to the winnable amount. You’ll normally